About Me

Hi there. I am Drag, a young woman recently ago committed to a psychiatric hospital. I’m also bored here, so I decided to start this blog to kind of share my thoughts and experiences, as well as my hobbies. I like growing plants, writing, programming, and other things –To find out what I’m about, read my blog! (See what I did there? 😉 shameless self promotion mode turned on ).
Up until now it’s been a rollercoaster of emotions –and that’s not just because of the bipolar disorder with psychotic features that landed me in that cosy place. People go crazy, therapy can be extremely difficult and all with all it’s definitely not a nice place to spend your time. I was in a place with which I have a strange love-hate relationship, where the drugs are free and cigarettes are a legitimate currency. But like my grandma always says: you can’t fall off the floor. So I guess that’s something.

Hope to see ya around!