Folie À Deux – Poem

A.N. : I actually didn’t plan on posting this because it’s so very personal. But hey, nobody knows my ass online, plus I’m proud of the other person this is about so I kinda like to flaunt the fact that I have this person in my life.

You say you care for me more
than there are words available.
And your words form a door,
through which I tiptoed, opening with careful fingers
encountering a thick mist that lingers
in your world of a mind.
My dearest friend, we should be kind,
to ourselves as we do to another.
And although it should bother me,
more than it does, or has to be,
I continue this journey.
Your eyes the stars that lead the way,
and at the same time, lead me far astray..
deeper and deeper into you.

Then, as I look up at the moon,
the realisation washes over me like a monsoon.
And I feel small,
and vulnerable.
When you unlock my heart, and enter my mind,
where the kindness I preach is hard to find.
It’s a good thing your warmth fills me up like the sun
And I wonder, how could someone, as they wander around
make flowers pop up where their feet touch the ground?

How close can you get to someone so warm,
without melting together?
And where starts the harm,
where you affect one another
with your emotional weather?
How does the time pass,
when it stops when we kiss?
And how do I cope,
when it’s you that I miss?

The closer and closer we get to eachother,
Like planets too big to orbit one another,
The more the world fades, and ours begins,
the smaller the distance to nirvana’s bliss;
I guess folie à deux is what this is.



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