Creativity Is Like Breathing

I read this online once; Creativity is like breathing. And it makes sense. You can’t keep breathing out or they’ll call it mania and boooyyy some meds are coming your way. Sure being wonderfully creative is so much fun! I know, I’ve been there. But the human brain isn’t build to always breathe out, always be at your highest point of what you perceive to be genius. Bad things happen, like hallucinations and strange ideas. If you only breathe out and never breathe in, you die.

“I feel like I’m not as creative as I should be, but maybe this is just my time to breathe in.”

Why am I talking about this now? because I feel like, since my stay in the hospital, my creativity has gotten a wack like one of Joker’s goons in Batman: Arkham Asylum. Which is a great game, by the way. Graphics like you’re playing a movie. But I digress. SO I feel like I’m not as creative as I should be, but maybe this is just my time to breathe in. Fellow wordpresser bsameli send me something very interesting about that. I’ll show ya.

It’s Maslow’s triangle of human needs. See how slef actualization is on the top? So what does this have to do with creativity being like breathing? Well I believe that this isn’t a fixed pyramid, it’s a wavy mess, and everyone has shifting emotions about many things a lot. Mine just tend to be… shiftier. SO I need to stabilize first before my creativity comes back. And if you’re anything like me and you’re asking yourself “hey, where’d my creativs go?” Don’t worry. Try and trust your own abilities. You’re just breathing in. Maybe you’re just being shifty for a moment. I’m going to think like this now. Wanna join me on this learny moment?



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