Creativity Is Like Breathing

I read this online once; Creativity is like breathing. And it makes sense. You can't keep breathing out or they'll call it mania and boooyyy some meds are coming your way. Sure being wonderfully creative is so much fun! I know, I've been there. But the human brain isn't build to always breathe out, always … Continue reading Creativity Is Like Breathing


My last night in the psych hospital

Tonight is gonna be my last night. How do I feel about it? ...Surreal. I've spend 16 or 17 weeks of my life here. Together with a month in a crisis center. And in that time I've laughed and cried, held hands, played games and fell asleep depressed as a potato. (which, if you think … Continue reading My last night in the psych hospital

bsameli is a captivating dutch blog filled with personal stories that really get personal and will touch your heart, and a passion for the things he wants like all-consuming fire. He writes raw posts about surviving with many issues, one of them being the monster of depression. This man is one of the most remarkable … Continue reading bsameli